The way we see it…


It’s all about relationship.

The relationship between you and your baby is precious and vital. Breastfeeding, when it’s easy, can provide the space, the quiet, and the gentle interaction to support your baby’s emerging relationship with his world.

When it’s effortless and uncomplicated, breastfeeding can simplify a mother’s life: The pauses in the day to feed are relaxing and comfortable interludes to enjoy your baby.

But if problems arise, suddenly life is complicated, and feedings can even sometimes get in the way of that beginning relationship with your little one.

But breastfeeding challenges often look much bigger than they really are.

Breastfeeding should not be such a big deal!

Breastfeeding these days is often put up as a giant ideal, as if it were something bigger than life, complicated, difficult, and important.

And yet, as important as it’s cracked up to be, new mothers are often left alone to invent it for themselves, with little support as they embark on this journey. And too often with nothing but a bunch of confusing, contradictory, or otherwise impossible instructions, leaving many new mothers feeling inadequate or incompetent.


Lets keep it simple.

But really, breastfeeding is just a means to an end, a way to parent, a way to feed, a way to get started in that precious and wonderful relationship with your baby.

Yes, breastmilk has all sorts of amazing things in it to support your child’s health and nutrition.

But breastfeeding’s biggest plus is  too often undersold–it should make your life easier, not harder!