Breastfeeding Resources is a physician-based private medical specialty practice devoted solely to breastfeeding mothers and babies.  We’re covered by most Connecticut health insurance plans and HMOs, and see both mother and child as our patients.

Whenever the weather looks dicey, please check this space
for information about changes in office hours or closing for a storm.

We will contact you by phone, text and/or email if we need to cancel and reschedule you. 


We’ll soon be using our new “patient portal”–which will be your private interactive website for info about your visits here. However, it still needs a bit of work, so for
the time being, we prefer you download and print our old “new patient forms” from this original website, and fill them out the old fashioned way, with pen on paper. So, if you get an invitation to use the portal, please ignore it, and come back here for the forms. We’ll let you know when we launch the portal for real.

If you don’t have a printer, come to the office a half hour early, and you can do the paperwork here.
(It isn’t really a half hour’s paperwork, but everything takes twice as long with a baby!)



After hours, please call 203-375-5812 to cancel, reschedule, or reach the provider on call.