Breastfeeding Resources is a physician-based private medical specialty practice devoted solely to breastfeeding mothers and babies.

We’re covered by most Connecticut health insurance plans and HMOs, and see both mother and child as our patients.


A big WELCOME to Marissa Mesiya, APRN, IBCLC, who is joining us mid July. She’s an experienced and compassionate pediatric nurse practitioner, and the mother of two breastfed children. We know her well, as she spent a year and a half training with us back when she was studying to become a lactation consultant. So glad to get her back!

And a warm welcome to Laurie Rubel, APRN, and Liza Goldman Huertas, MD, who will each be joining us soon. Both are preparing to sit for the 2018 exam offered by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.  We may have to wait til next winter for Laurie, as her third baby promises to arrive early this fall. Can’t wait to have both Laurie and Liza on board!

And finally, a grateful thanks to Susan Forrester, MA, IBCLC, who intermittently returns to help us out when it gets too busy around here. She has her own private lactation practice in West Hartford, and worked with us for several years awhile back.  It’s been so great to have her joing us this summer!

After hours, please call 203-375-5812 to cancel, reschedule, or reach the provider on call.